World Championships!!

Last week, on April 22nd, the CW Tech Robotarians traveled to Saint Louis to compete in the FIRST Robotics World Championships. We competed against teams from all aver the world in attempt to become this year’s World Champion alliance.

This year, we managed to get further than we have in our past two years at Worlds, becoming the seventh alliance captain in the Tesla division. In our first match of the Quarterfinals, we lost 164 to 241. In our second match, we won 174 to 172. Though our average was over a hundred points, we were unable to progress beyond there. Be that as it may, we were grateful for such an amazing way to finish the season.

After the competition finished, we collected for an amazing closing cerimony, complete with speeches from some of the most infuential high-ups in FIRST. After the closing ceremony, there was a concert, during which our team took their leave to return home to Michigan.

Now, we say goodbye to our seniors; Cody, Nathan, Nate, Joel, Harmonie, Noah, and Ben, as they continue on to the world outside of our little family. Though we will miss them, we all know this will not be the last time we will meet.











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