Windsor and the Sate Championships

On April 1st the CW Tech Robotarians crossed the boarder to Windsor, Canada to compete in the Windsor Essex Great Lakes Regional Event. Everyone competed well and our team ended up on the number 7 alliance during eliminations, along with our alliance captain, 4343 MaxTech, and team 5024 Raider Robotics. In the quarterfinals; our first match was a loss by twenty points and our second was also a loss but by 106 points. However, thanks to our alliance’s average score, we made it into the semi finals. In the first match of the semi finals our robot had some technical difficulties and was not able to perform in that match. However, despite only having two robots, our alliance was able to defeat the opposing alliance by 9 points with the assistance of the Robotarian’s human element. We were back up and running by the time our second semi final match rolled around and were, unfortunately, defeated by 82 points. Our alliance was placed in the next match and won by 2 points. However, due to the fact our alliance’s average score was not to par with the top 2, we were knocked out there. Shortly after the Windsor event, we officially qualified for the FIRST in Michigan District Championship.

On April 8th, a mere four days after the Windsor Regional Event ended, the CW Tech Robotarians traveled, once again, to Grand Rapids to compete in the FIRST in Michigan District State Championships. For the next several days, we competed against and aside some of the best teams from across Michigan. We were visited by Dean Kamen and Governor Rich Snyder. Our team was invited to join the number 6 alliance out of 16 alliances along with alliance captain 5046, Jacked Up Jackets, and 5053, Lakers. Our first match in the eighths (A creation of having twice as many alliances as usual) we lost by 51 points. In our second match we lost again by 16 points. We were eliminated there, unfortunately.


(Below are pictures from the State Championships)















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