Week One

                Robotics season has started!  The CW Tech Robotarians have been hard at work all week figuring out our robot design. We spent the day at our “headquarters”, M-TEC. We are very lucky that our local community college lets us work in their facility. After kickoff, our team spent the day discussing the rule changes and new game.

                Our team is compiled of six different schools and some homeschooled kids so, it is important for us to stay in touch. Originally we used Edmodo, a website like Facebook for schools, to communicate, but that didn’t work as well as we had hoped. So, we revamped this website to work for just that. The website now has forums and a completely new look. Check out our picture galleries to see us in action!

                The team came up with objectives as a whole to accomplish for week one. We all agreed that we need to get our prototyping done. We decided that the shooter mechanism needed to be prototyped first. The design team began designing right away; their entire objective for this week was to finish prototyping the shooter. We also decided to start revamping the powerpoint and brochure. The powerpoint and brochure were old designs and the marketing team took the initiative to change them.  The marketing team also decided to change the color scheme for all ads, brochures, and powerpoints. The new color scheme is green, white, and black, like our logo. The build team began building our practice field and also finished it. The programming team has been split into two groups: newbies and veterans. The newbies are learning, and the veterans are playing around with programs to use on our new robot.

                With all that being said, week one has come to an end and week two is beginning. We hope to get a lot done during week two and also hope to see what you guys have been doing.

Good luck!

CW Tech

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