Week 6 Update

The build season is over with the close of this past week. The robot has been completed, though the work is far from done. The team is still working on marketing related objectives as well as preparing for later in the season. Soon enough, Competitions will be starting and all our planning will be put into action. But, for now, the robot will be packed up and put away.

We have received, gratefully, a three thousand dollar check from Entergy on February 17. The team got a photo taken of them, the robot, and Entergy Representatives. Afterwards, members of the team explained the aspects of what we are doing this year to the Entergy Representatives. Thank you for your generous sponsorship, Entergy.

This Saturday, we will be at the Lake Michigan College Mendel Center for the Southwest Michigan Home, Garden, and Leisure Show, where we will be doing a robotics demonstration. When anyone buys a ticket between 9 and 12 our team receives a dollar.

The team is also supporting a fund raiser to sell 60 and 100 Watt light bulbs. For purchase or further information, speak to any Robotarian team member or mentor.

Here comes the Robotarians, ready to make a mark on the year’s robotics once again.






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