Week 6

It’s the final countdown! The final week of build season has finally fell upon us.

This week the marketing team worked on a plethora of essays including the Woodie Flowers award and Chairmans award. They also worked on entrepreneurship questions and the mascot head. Marketing has also been hard at work at the new and exciting app we’ve been developing.

The build and design team have been hard at work making sure the robot is in working condition. They’ve also installed working number lights that can display any type of four digit number combination they please. The build and design teams have also installed the sponsership board and bumpers onto the robot. They’ve also been helping the programmers trouble shoot the robot.

The programmers have been putting in a lot of effort into trouble shooting the robot. They’ve worked on a number of things including the new drive system, writing code for the robot like finalizing the module, customizing the dashboard code, finish the programming for robot 2.0, wiring and testing the number display, and finally working out the bugs of the robot’s code.

Another exciting thing happened this week: DRIVERS TRYOUTS

The results:

Driver: Cody Laughlin         Co-Pilot: Joel Copi

Captain/Backup Driver: Nathan Glotzbach     Human Element: Sydney Miller, Nathan Arend, Josh Nolte

Other news we’re excited about is that we hosted a practice event last Saturday for the local Southwestern Michigan teams. It turned out very well and we thank all of the teams that showed up. Some of those teams included St. Joe, East Jackson and Cassopolis.

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