Week 5 Update

We have reached the end of the fifth week of Robotics, leaving only a single week left until the Build Season comes to a close. Our practice event is next Saturday. The team is doing alright in the completion of the robot. Design and Build have, this week, put the device called the Cow Catcher that scoops up the pool noodles as well as put back supports on our robot.  They have also machined parts and started to put together the practice field for our practice event. Programming has fixed up autonomous and has ‘communicated’ with the robot. Marketing is continuing to work on awards and the yearbook is slowly forming. The Spirit sub-team is working on new cheers and making bows for the girls to wear in their hair. Finally, Data met with St. Joe’s Average Joes to discuss data collection.

We will be off to Robotics competitions soon enough.





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