Week 5 Update

It is now the end of the fifth week of the Build season, leaving only one week left until the robot has to be bagged up and put away. The CW Tech Robotarians are still going strong, despite the fact we are missing a large amount of our team members, who are on a trip for class. The build team is machining parts for assorted portions of the robot. The programming team has been working on aim and the arm programs, got two cameras working, fixed the drive, finished the string pot program, configured Talon CAN Ids for competition and practice bots, and have successfully driven the robot. Spirit is working on a complete mascot costume and creating new cheers and buttons. The Robotarians are preparing for the competition season with rushed enthusiasm and can’t wait to see old friends from all over once again.

DSC00350 DSC00352 DSC00353 DSC00354 DSC00355 DSC00356 DSC00357

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