Week 4

Week 4 was jam packed with everyone running around getting the things done that we hadn’t last week and catching up to get back on track. CW-Tech students were working hard and had a very productive week. Week 4 was also phase 2 for the 5 talented drivers that succeeded to the last leg of driver tryouts. Each day they practiced about an hour and got in as much experience as they could. On Thursday their skills were put to the test with the last of tryouts. Tryouts consisted of the boys doing 5 push-ups and then rushing 3 steps to the controls and going over the course that wasn’t set until the day of, all the while being timed, mentors asking them questions, cheering from fellow team members, foam discs shooting at them and viewed by all the mentors. At the end of tryouts, only 2 stood out from the rest. Cody and Nathan were picked to be CW-Tech’s 2013 drivers. Cody is currently apart of Build team and Nathan is in Programming. Both boys are excited to apart of the drive team and CW-Tech is proud and confident that they are going to shine at our upcoming competitions.


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