Week 3

Its the end of the third week and we are now halfway through the Build Season. This week, the design and build teams of the CW Tech Robotarians have been working together on the Robot Cart. As well, the build team has been finishing the last pieces of the practice field and have begun machining parts for the robot. The marketing team have finished the brochure and presentations for the sponsors and have been considering various outlets for team spirit at the competitions. The Electrical and programming teams have been collaborating on the Battery Tester they are building. The electrical team has also finished testing the motors and the programming team has been working on the C++ program.


On the Weekend following the first week of the FRC Build Season, the FTC (That is, a primarily middle school/junior high grade version of Robotics) team 12014 the Fire Wires, mentored by the CW Tech alumnus Michelle Lester and the CW Tech mentor Richard Lester, participated in a competition and did well enough to be chosen to be on an alliance which became the winning alliance. The Fire Wires and their “Bad Bot” are going to State!


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