Week 1 Update

As our first week of Robotics draws to a close, the Robotarians are training the newbies, testing out basic design ideas, and feeling their way into their place on the team once again. The Build sub-team is working on organizing the boxes of stuff from previous years and constructing the kit bot. Controls is organizing the wiring and reassembling and reprogramming the 2011 robot to test Mecanum wheels to see if we can use them on this year’s robot. Marketing is working on this year’s brochure and the filming for the presentation for the Chairman’s award as well as finding out what is useful to us among the things we got in past years. Design has started prototyping mechanisms for picking up totes. Finally, Data has gathered together the specifications required for Data collecting and has started designing the interface for the Data collection app.

We expect bumps along the road, but the game and the year looks promising. And this is only the beginning.







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