Week 1 Update

The first week of the build season has ended with each group within the CW Tech Robotarians sliding easily into their respective jobs. Thus far the groups have completed/are working on:

~Build: 4/9 of defenses are complete and they are working on the castle tower.  They have also completed a working prototype for the robots shooting arm.

~Design: Trying out Rhino Drive and teaching Solid Works basics to their new members.

~Electrical: Attempting to rewire an old radio to teach electrical basics to new members.

~Programming: Created a simple program for the prototype shooting mechanism and attempting to get the 2013 robot to work

~Marketing: Started on the brochure, marketing pitch, Woody Flowers award nomination, Chairmans, and are coming up with fundraising ideas

~Finance: Have been helping marketing and are beginning a list of sponsors to assign to different team members.

~Spirit: Started working on the team standard.

~Safety: Started editing the safety manual as a group and  the group captain has started making plans and coming up with ideas for an outreach presentation to the 6th graders at Coloma.Robotics1







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