St Joseph District Event

On March 20th, the Robotarians visited our neighboring team, St Joseph’s Average Joes, who were hosting their third annual district event. In the two days we spent in the St. Joseph High School, along with 39 other teams, we started off not so great, but gradually improved and made our way up through the rankings. We finished the qualifiers ranked seventh. In the elimination rounds alliance selections, we were asked to be part of the number three alliance along with Team 2474 Excel and Team 5462 2PawR. Unfortunately, we were eliminated in the quarter-finals.

After the Finals, during Awards, our team was presented with the Safety Award, much to our Safety Captain’s, Sydney Miller, excitement.

Based on our performances and the awards won at the two Michigan district events, we have earned enough points to be all but assured a spot at the Michigan State Championship Event, April 9th through 11th.

Leaving on Thursday, April 2nd, the team is traveling to the Windsor Essex Great Lakes Regional Event in Canada. We will be spending three days among primarily Robotics teams from Ontario, as well as four other teams from Michigan and one from California.

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