Shepherd District Event

On April 6 through April 8, the Robotarians participated in the Shepherd District Event. The Robotarians concluded the qualifying matches in 13th place and moved up to be the 8th captain during alliance selections. We chose team 5216, E-Ville Empire, as our first pick and 4956, Robosharks, as our third alliance member.

In the quarterfinals, the 8th alliance went up against the 1st alliance; which consisted of team 74, Team C.H.A.O.S., 910, The Foley Freeze, and 6582, Vestabots. In the first match, our alliance lost 309 to 306. In the second match, our alliance was eliminated with a loss 314 to 260. The 1st alliance went on to win the event. Unfortunately, we did not gain enough points over the season to qualify for the state event.

The Robotarians were, at this event, awarded the Engineering Inspiration Award. The Engineering Inspiration Award celebrates a team that has “outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school or organization and community.” Teams who win this award qualify for the Engineering Inspiration Award at the state event, even if their robot did not qualify that year for state. The team who wins the award at state qualifies for the World Championship with their robot. As such, a few members of the Robotarians will be traveling to the Michigan State Championships (April 12-15) in Saginaw, MI to present to the judges who will choose this year’s State Engineering Inspiration Award winner.

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