Second Week

This week the CW Tech team worked on several projects. The programmers worked on the drive train for one of our old robots, a code for projecting the scoring during the game on the side of our robot and worked on a single joystick drive system. The build team worked on assembling our new tool boxes and started to build the frame for our new robot. The design team worked on designing the pickup arm, the frame, and the shooter for the robot. The marketing team worked on updating the website and a sponsor promo video. They also worked on finding materials for the mascot. Also, during this week, our safety captain (Safety Sid) gave the student members of our team a survey that she gives out to other safety captains at events to see how much our team members knew about being safe. A few other projects that were being worked on by several of our team members are selling calendars and light bulbs that our team uses to fund raise. A few of our team members also managed to gain a few more sponsors that we are grateful to have.

IMG_0934 DSC00016

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