Quick Update: 4/28/2013

This is our 2nd place ribbon from being on the 2nd place alliance at World's!

This is our 2nd place ribbon from being on the 2nd place alliance at World’s!

CW Tech is back from St.Louis! We had an incredible time there. We ended Thursday with a 2-1 match record, which was amazing! On Friday, we had a 1-2 match record, bringing us to a 3-3 record for both days. We had two final matches on Saturday and we won both! We ended the qualifiers with a 5-3 match record. We were ranked 25 in Archimedes to end. We were a second round pick into the number 1 alliance!

We owe thanks to these two incredible teams: Team 2415, Wired Cats, and Team 987, HighRollers. Team 2415 ended as the first seed with no losses until our first finals match against Team 33, Team 469, and Team 1519. Team 987 was the third seed, and was invited to the first alliance by 2415. They accepted and then the other 7 alliance captains chose their first picks. We were the last team to be drafted, which ended up being a blessing. We got to the finals in Archimedes, only to be defeated by the second alliance.

We’re proud to say that our defeat was at the hands, or shooters…, the second alliance. Team 469 and Team 33 are two incredible Michigan teams, as well as 1519 being just as incredible. These three teams moved onto Einstein where they fought their way to the finals. They were defeated by the alliance from Galileo but played an incredible game. This being said, it’s the end of the season. We would like to thank a few people from our team and other teams. A huge thank you goes to all our mentors at team 2959. We couldn’t have accomplished anything that we did this season without you. Another thank you goes out to our finalist alliance at Gull Lake, Team 3618 and Team 3452. We got our first blue banner this year and we couldn’t have done it without Team 2474 and Team 2586. Another finalist alliance at Bedford with Team 573 and Team 815. We thanked our Archimedes finalist alliance above but, again, a huge thanks to Team 2415 and Team 987. A huge thanks also goes to our incredible drive team: Cody, Joel, Zia, and Stephen N. (A big thanks to Stephen H. for filling in for Stephen N. at Bedford) You boys rock… Our safety captain brought our safety culture from nothing to everything. (Thanks, Sydney.) There are far too many people to thank from within and outside of our team but everyone should feel appreciated. Last but not least, a HUGE thank you to ALL of our sponsors.

All of this being said, there is one last of group of people to thank… Our incredible seniors. You’ll be leaving us soon, to go to college, to get a job. Remember us here at team 2959 and make us proud. Or as Dean Kamen said yesterday, make it loud. Remember what Dave and Q told you yesterday, and we love you all.

Thank you,

Team 2959

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