Our Presentations and Visit to WSJM!

Today, March 21st, three of our members and our adviser visited WSJM, a local radio station. We spoke on “In the Spotlight with Brenda Layne”. We got this opportunity through one of our mentors, which was a great way to get our name out to our community. We got the chance to speak about our accomplishments as well as FIRST. Dr. Quattrin spoke first about how the team started at Coloma in 2008 to start in the 2009 season and grew to incorporate Watervliet in the next season (2010), then in 2012 grew to have Lake Michigan Catholic, Eau Claire and Grace Christian to join us. Most recently, Michigan Lutheran has joined us in the most recent season. After talking about our rookie year and how our team has grown, Stephen got the opportunity to talk about our awards. Michelle later spoke about the other parts of the team such as marketing, and later, Michael spoke about this year’s game. Brenda then asked how robotics has helped us determine our future. Feel free to give it a listen as we couldn’t type the whole interview out!

On March 20th, five of our members got the chance to speak at the Benton Harbor Sunshine Rotary. It was an amazing experience to be able to meet all the Rotarians and speak to them about our team. The five team members split up among the Rotarians while eating breakfast to converse and get acquainted with them. It was a very cool experience to talk to these important people of our area. We showed a powerpoint presentation that outlined our team as a whole. Each one of the five kids took a few slides and got the chance to show a bit of themselves and our team to these Rotarians. With a few minor stumbles, the presentation went very well. We got lots of fantastic questions from the audience and a lot of them want to check out the competitions!

A little over a month ago on February 4th, five team members spoke at the St. Joseph-Benton Harbor Rotary. It was much like the Rotary visit mentioned above but a few of the speaking team members changed because of conflicts at the second Rotary. We presented the same presentation but without the slides about the competitions we attended at Gull Lake and St. Joe. We got the chance to do a few smaller presentations to Walsworth Printing and Gast Manufacturing. Walsworth is one of our biggest sponsors because they print all our sponsor brochures and posters, among other things.

With all that said, if you would like any additional information, you can find Dr. Quattrin’s contact information here.


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