Nathan and Joel

I met Nathan and Joel in 2013. They were on the progamming team and I was doing marketing. Never did get to really work with them very closely until after they graduated. This summer we found ourselves with the core of our programming team gutted due to graduations. Nathan and Joel met with interested students every Wednesday for their entire summer to teach us their jedi programming skills. Mentors sat in on the class too. I was one of them.

CW Tech though is set once again programming wise due to our students becoming our mentors when they graduated. We now have 3 trained mentors and 1/2 a dozen students who are pretty good with Labview.

I just wanted to thank them for their efforts (and being on call next build season as our newest off-site mentors). I’d say good luck at college, but you are Robotarians… and we are good enough.

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