Lansing District Event

On March 24th through March 26th, the CW Tech Robotarians visited Mason High School in Mason Michigan for the Lansing District Event. Over all, the qualification matches went well, with the Robotarians rising and falling within the top spots for the most part. When alliance selection came along, we were in eighth place. We were invited to join the second seat team, the third ranked team, 3357, the Comets, in their alliance. We accepted and the two teams invited team 5502, the Cobrots, to join the alliance.

When the quarterfinals rolled around after lunch, our alliance was pitted against the seventh alliance, made up of team 5473, Spitfire, 68, Truck Town Thunder, and team 5674, the GEARHOUNDS. The first match between the two alliances was completed 130 to 89, leaving us the victors. In the second match, the final point count was 80 to 91 with the seventh alliance evening out the playing-field. In the tie breaker match, our alliance won with 130 points to the seventh alliance’s 63.

Proceeding onto the semifinals, our alliance was pitted against the third alliance, made up of 4381, the Twisted Devils, 3655, Tractor Technicians, and 4216, Blue Ops Robotics. The first match, our alliance defeated the third alliance with 177 to 117, the largest amount of points scored by anyone at that competition. The second match completed 125 to 109, in our favor, allowing us to continue onto the finals.

The alliance we competed against in the finals was the fourth alliance. In the first match of the finals, we defeated the fourth seat with 137 to 133. The second match, our alliance was defeated 142 to 154. In the final tie breaker match of the event, our alliance; teams 3357, 5502, and 2959, came out on top 142 to 125. We won the Lansing District Event.

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