Lake Superior State University District Event

March 31st through April 2nd marked the Lake Superior State University District Event in Sault St. Marie, Michigan. In the qualification matches, the CW Tech Robotarians did well for the most part and we landed in the eighth spot for alliance selections. We were invited by the top ranked team, 503, Frog Force, to join their alliance and the two of us invited 5247, Red Devil Robotics as well.

In the quarterfinals, our alliance competed against the eighth alliance, made up of 4390, ATA Coregears, 6088, the Stephenson Eagles, and 4377, Boyne City Blaze. In the first match, our alliance defeated them 131 to 76. In the second match, our alliance defeated the eighth 167 to 107, allowing us to continue to the semifinals.

In the semifinals, we competed against the fifth alliance, made up of 5053, the Lakers, 1596, the Instigators, and 4375, Westend Gearbusters. In the first match, our alliance defeated them 142 to 84. In the second match, we defeated their alliance 119 to 117. We, then, moved onto the finals.

In the finals, we were pitted against the number two alliance, made up of 3535, the Galaktech Invaders, 5505, V2 Robotics, and 2832, The Livonia Warriors. In the first match of the finals, the second alliance defeated us 135 to 103. In the second match, they, again, defeated us with 123 to 115. We did not win the finals, but we made it far and are proud of that.

However, making it to finals is not the highlight of visiting LSSU. In the awards ceremony, we were awarded, for the first time in our eight years, the Chairman’s award, aka the most prestigious award that can be given to any team. The Chairman’s award is given to the team that best spreads and embodies the goals that FIRST Robotics is built on. Several senior members of the team have been attempting to attain this award for the Robotarians for the duration of their time part of Robotics. And now they get to graduate with that goal achieved and the message of FIRST spread just a little bit further.

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