The CW Tech Robotarians kicked off the year at Lake Michigan College along with twenty-five other teams, including the Rookie teams 5675 Mattawan Wildcats, 5535 New Buffalo Ground Gears, 5462 Paw Paw 2PAwR, 5745 River Valley Gearheads, and 5610 Saugatuck Indians. Speaking to the teams was President of Lake Michigan College Dr. Bob Harrison, US Representative Fred Upton, Whirlpool’s Engineering Director John Mannisto, Whirlpool’s VP of Communications & Public Affairs Jeff Noel, Director from the Global Products Organization Latha Ravi, and Dean Ken Flowers from Workforce Training and Development.

At 10:30 the live feed from FRC Headquarters in Manchester New Hampshire was sent out to the whole world through a NASA Satellite feed. Shortly thereafter this year’s game was revealed: Recycle Rush. The task of this year’s robots is to stack the bins on the field, and place a recycling bin on top the piles and place ‘litter’, also known as pool noodles, inside the recycling bins. Unlike the games of previous years, we will not be playing much defense, as each team cannot leave their side of the field so the robots on opposite sides will not be slamming into each other and pushing each other away.

The Robotarians invited the rookie Paw Paw 2PAwR team after the kickoff to review the game tasks and strategies for earning points. Both teams did good work in their first planning for the year. Hopefully, the Rookie team learned some things that will help them with building their robot.

The Robotarians are already working on their strategy and, no doubt, are ready to get into another year of FIRST Robotics.

Fred kickoff picture

Representative Fred Upton


Team Discussing the Recyle Rush Aspects

After Kickoff.

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