Kentwood Event

On Thursday, March 5th, the Cw Tech Robotarians left LMC’s M TEC for Grand Rapids to attend the Kentwood District Event. Friday we started the Qualifiers. No one started off well, it was the first event of the year for many. We found ourselves bouncing through the rankings but never rising real high. However, Saturday we ended up ranked 12.

We made it onto the sixth alliance in the Alliance Selection. The alliance was made up of us, our alliance captain Team 4381 the Twisted Devils, and Team 5710 the O-bots. For the quarter Finals, we lost our first match by three points and won our next match by 35 points, our average allowed us to continue into the Semifinals. In the Semifinals, we won our first match by 45 points, won our second by 2 points,and won our  third match by 59 points. Our average allowed us to move on to the Finals. In the finals, we found ourself up against the number one alliance; containing Team 3610 the Average Joes, Team 2054 the Tech Vikes, and Team 4482 Intelligent Design.

In the first match of the finals, we lost by 36 points. In the second match, we won by 53 points. In the final match, we lost by 19 points.

While we did not win the Finals, we are grateful to have made it as far as we did, given the poor way we started off. We found ourselves cheering for our team and congratulating the alliance we lost to. And for that good sportsmanship and the help we gave other teams we were awarded the “Gracious Professionalism” award. We even helped get the Intelligent Design robot functioning just before the playoff matches started. They were able to perform so well they helped beat us in the finals.

It was dissappointing to not win, but satisfying that we were ranked as low as 35 at one point and yet, found ourselves among the final two alliances. Hopefully, our future Events will be just as successfull, if not more, as our first of the year.



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