Gull Lake District Event

March 16th through 18th marked the Gull Lake District Event in Richland, Michigan. The CW Tech Robotarians did very well in the competition and ended in 10th place by alliance selections on Saturday. Just as the team made it to the position where they would be the 8th alliance captain, the 3rd seated alliance captain, team 1940, the Tech Tigers, chose us for their alliance. The Robotarians and the Tech Tigers chose team 6043, Allegan Tigers, as the third member of the alliance.

In the quarterfinal matches, our alliance went up against the 6 seat alliance. In the first match, we won 260 to 255. In the second match, we again won 305 to 255. This allowed our alliance to move into the semifinals.

In our first semifinal match against the 7 seat alliance, we won 286 to 285. In the second match, we were declared the winner but a belated foul changed the score to a loss 256 to 257. In the tiebreaker match, we lost 266 to 294 and were, thus, unable to continue. The 7th alliance went on to win the competition.

The team will be participating in the Shepherd District Event in Shepherd, Michigan on April 6th through April 8th.

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