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    Richard Lester

    You were looking for odd inventions that changed history:
    Duct Tape
    Motorola DynaTAC 8000X Phone (First Mobile Phone)
    TV Dinners
    Microwave Oven (accident)
    Superglue (accident)
    Vulcanized Rubber
    Gorilla Glass (mothballed from the 60’s brought back by Steve Job)
    Post it notes (trying to come up with better glue but it wouldn’t dry)
    Saccharin (accidental)
    Potato Chips
    Popsicles (accident)
    Plastic (accident)
    Mauve (first synthetic dye)
    Play-doh (originally marketted as wallpaper cleaner)
    Safety Glass(accident)
    Apple I
    Telephone (was told he was crazy)
    light bulb
    radio (was sued by the US District Attorney for selling such a ridiculous idea)
    paper clips,
    shopping bag
    rubber bands

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