End of Build Season

It is now the last day of Build season and the CW Tech Robotarians are finally putting the finishing pieces on the robot we have been working on for the last six weeks. The various groups are trying to complete their jobs before the deadline tonight, at which the robot must be bagged and put away until right before our first competition at Saint Joseph High School on the 9th-11th of March. Once the robot is bagged, the team will turn its attention to finishing the practice bot, created to allow the drive team to practice but will never actually participate in an event, as well as preparing for the presentations that are coming up.

On Saturday, the 18th, the Robotarians hosted a practice event at Coloma’s Alwood gym. Though they were unable to participate, the members of the Robotarians would like to extend their thanks to the teams that participated in the event for attending and thanks to the students and mentors and parents from all teams who stayed to help cleanup. You all made this the best practice event we’ve hosted in several years.

To all our sponsors and schools and parents, thanks for supporting us this build season and we hope to see you at our competitions.

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