First Week

It’s been a very productive week for the CW Tech team. The new game was introduced to the world on Saturday January 4th ( ). Although the weather prevented us from having team meetings at M-Tech due to several snow days, meetings were held over a group chat on Facebook. Once we could meet in person again, the design team prototyped several shooting methods that were being considered for our new robot this season. The build team assembled a new tool box, cabinet, and table. Another thing they did was glue parts of our pit structure together. They also finished building our practice field and they completed putting our kit of parts together.  The marketing team discussed which awards the team wanted to try for. They also came up with design ideas for the buttons that the team hands out during the season and a design of an award for our team to give to other teams at events. To explain, our team designs an award to give out to teams for the unrecognized generosity that judges don’t see in the pits. The programmers spent the week programing our old robots to work once again. They also wrote a spec sheet for codes to show the cycle score and they started to work on the joystick that we use to control the robot.

Week1 Week one

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