2016 Robotics Revealed!

Welcome to the new year of FIRST Robotics!

This year’s game is known as Stronghold. Medieval themed, Stronghold features a castle to protect, ‘boulders’ to throw, and obstacles to circumvent. The object of the competition is to breach your opponent’s defenses, weaken their tower by shooting boulders inside, and capture their tower. There are five different defenses to beat every match.  The defenses are exchangeable, though the low bar in position one is permanent. Position three is occupied by a defense chosen by audience selection and the final three positions are chosen by the opponents to strengthen their defenses.

Robots start in the neutral zone between the defenses and may only have one boulder inside each robot.  Six boulders will also be placed along the mid-line. Each team may assign a ‘spy-bot’ to start in their opponent’s courtyard and a human player to signal information to the drive-teams.

During Autonomous, the first fifteen seconds of the match, bots can earn points by reaching their opponent’s defenses (2 points), crossing defenses (10 points), and shooting boulders into the castle (10 points at the top goal and 5 at the floor level goal). In the following tele-op, drivers step up to control the robots.

As robots overcome obstacles, the lights on obstacles turn off, signifying that the defense is damaged.  A defense must be crossed by two different robots from the same alliance to fully defeat that individual defense. Once any four of the five defenses have all their lights shut off, the opponent’s defense is considered breached and the alliance gains points.

Boulders can be delivered to the robots through the secret passages through the castle wall, which the robots attempt to shoot into the opponents tower. As boulders are shot into the tower, the tower loses strength. When strength is low enough, the opponent’s flag drops, signifying that the tower can be captured at the end of the match by surrounding it. In the last twenty seconds, robots may lift themselves up the tower for additional points.

With the addition of some new team members and former team members returned as mentors, the CW Tech Robotarians are already at it once again, ready to return to the exciting world of FIRST Robotics.

The video Game reveal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqOKzoHJDjA

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